WPA 2015

Primary Care Mental Health:
Innovation and Transdisciplinarity

The Palace of Parliament 

Bucharest, Romania

24 - 27 June 2015

Ahmad Mohit





University of Tehran, Iran



Medicine and Surgery

Nazareth Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA



Rotating internship

Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (EPPI) and Temple University, Phila, PA, USA

Residency (3 years psychiatry and one year Neurology


Psychiatry and Neurology

Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute and Temple University.

Fellowship Certificate


Behavior therapy

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Board Certified in Psychiatry



Licensed to Practice in Pennsylvania

Practicing physician in USA


Prof. Ahmad Mohit


Work History

1979-1992- Founding Director of Tehran Institute of Psychiatry, the main technical institution of Iranian Ministry of Health in Inegration of mental health within Primary health care system.
1983-1992- Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Psychiatry, Iran University of Medical Sciences. Continuing to collaborate with Tehran Institute of Psychiatry in the nationwide implementation of integration program.
1992-2002 – Invited to work as the Regional Advisor, Mental Health and Substance Abuse in World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region (WHO/EMRO) in Cairo in 1991 and started to work in January 1992. From 1997 till 1992 also functioned as the team coordinator for health and behavior.
2002-2006 Promoted to become “Director of Health Protection and Promotion, in The Eastern Mediterranean Region of WHO/EMRO, supervising 12 programs, one of which was mental health.
2006. Retired from WHO
2006-2007: Invited back to work in WHO/EMRO as a senior consultant on Health and Behavior.
2008-2009: Founding Chairperson of the department of “Social Determinants of Health”, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.
2009-2010: Professor of Psychiatry at Iran University of Medical Sciences
2010: Retired

Current Professional Memberships

  • Founding Chairperson, Section on Literature and Psychiatry, World Psychiatric Association.
  • Member - World Psychiatric Association
  • Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA)
  • Member, Iranian and American Psychiatric Associations.
  • Active in writing, translating and publishing poetry


Professor Mohit is the member of the editorial board of two Iranian English langusge journals of Psychiatry. He has been the chief contributor and co-author of a number of books including “Reaching the Unreached, Mental Health in the Countries of EMRO/WHO. Religion and Psychiatry, edited by Verhaghen et al. and published by Willy. Promotion of Mental Health in Schools published by WHO. Most recently he has been the main researcher of the Iranian team for the major research on Depression in India, Iran, Romania and… supervised by Professor Eliot Sorel. He has functioned as the referee for fewc articles for Lancet as well.