WPA 2015

Primary Care Mental Health:
Innovation and Transdisciplinarity

The Palace of Parliament 

Bucharest, Romania

24 - 27 June 2015

Apuseni Mountains Tour

The Apuseni Mountains represent one of the most interesting tourist sites in Romania. The karstic rocky relief (about 400 caves), as well as the specific flora and fauna are many reasons for calling these mountains a natural reserve.

The inhabitants of this zone, the "moti", good wood-workers, are renamed for all the domestic-use wooden tools they are producing. Someone can meet them selling the artisan products all over the country. The two handled tubs and the wooden pails "made in Apuseni" can be seen on sale in the major fairs in Romania. There are still old crafters, producing such objects, in Patrahaitesti, a little mountain village where, if interested, you may hear the famous "Alps horns", which are used for generations in the Apuseni Mountains too.

In Summer time, farmers are leading their herds of cows and flocks of sheep in the high mountain, where they rest until the first snowfall. You may admire on the high pastures the "hodai", Summer houses used by local people, while being with their herds in the mountains.

If you wish to discover local life and preserved traditions, one of the main points of interest is the Aries Valley, including the beautiful villages of Albac, Garda, Arieseni. 

Besides the various karstic relief (Cetatile Ponorului, Padis, Groapa Ruginoiasa, Poarta lui Ionele, Ghetarul de la Scarisoara, Focul Viu etc.), a point of interest is the Gold Museum in Brad, where visitors may see a huge collection of gold nuggets, but also traditional tools used for gold extracting (this activity is over 2000 years old in this area).


Apuseni Tour – minimum 3 nights
Hotel Vraja Muntelui, tariffs starting from 35Eur/night/SGL room
For a personalized offer, please contact us at registration@wpa2015bucharest.org.

Apuseni Tour – minimum 4 nights
Hotel Four Seasons, tariffs starting from 45Eur/night/DBL room
For a personalized offer, please contact us at registration@wpa2015bucharest.org.